The GNG Club APP is closing

The app was great during the pandemic but we are now moving towards a web based system.


Waterside, Cross Keys and Trent Navigation Inn

Points are staying, stamps are going. Table ordering still available.

These venues will operate much the same. But you have until the end of 2021 to use your stamps for beer and coffee. Stamps will stop accruing from 1st November. We are tripling the points you receive for Navigation Brewery products from 3 per £1 to 9 per £1.

You can view your points, and purchase activity by viewing your profile online, instead of within the app:

Copper Cafes, The Ram, The Refinery, The Old Flower Shop

Points and Stamps are Going.

You have until the end of October to redeem any points and stamps you have at these venues. You can redeem points and stamps at the Old Flower Shop until the end of December 2021


The app was great during the pandemic but now that venues have opened up and normal service has resumed it's simply not being used at many of our venues.

You have until the end of the year to use them at Waterside, Cross Keys and Trent Navigation. All other venues are finishing stamps at the end of October.

From end of October stamps will no longer be issued.

We are increasing the points for Navigation Brewery beers from 3 to 9 from 1st January 2022

Your points are staying put. You just need to login online now instead of the app to view them. If you identify yourself at the till with your phone number then your transaction will accrue points and your balance will be displayed on your receipt.